What is Traeser?

Traeser presents a clean, straightforward, friendly interface to plan and track your rides. Venturing off to new places with friends gets easier as you publish a route to inform your entire group in one go. There’s no need to manually guide or text every person in the group about the start and end points. Simply define the route for your next bike trip and add your friends.

There’s more to Traeser than inviting your friends on a trip. If you want to pick someone up along the way, Traeser allows you to do that by adding waypoints. These waypoints are also great for setting out the places to take a break at, in advance.

Traeser not only makes pick-ups easier, but it also tracks your whole group on the map. Every rider fears losing track of the rider ahead or behind him. Staying together isn’t always possible as when your friend is at the traffic signal and you’re a long way behind stuck in traffic. You can be old-school and call up your friends to know where they are or… you could be ahead of the times and track other riders in real time. In the scenario of you getting separated from the group, the navigate button guides you to the next way point. When you go start a trip, you see the route and the location of all your buddies!

The map is refreshed every 20 to 30 seconds so you have access to live tracking of all riders. In fact, you can even add observers to the trip who are not participants. This works well as close friends and family will be unworried, knowing you’re at a safe location!

With all this, you might be thinking how feature-rich Traeser just is! But, hey, it’s fun-rich too. To make your riding experience one of a kind, Traeser allows you to set a profile image on every trip, making each road trip a memorable one. All trips can be recalled from the archive via the search option.

While there are many bike tracking apps on the play store, you might find that Traeser is the best of the bunch. So, what are you waiting for? Give your home screen an update with this feature-rich, fun app.

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