A Simpler Way to Plan and follow a route

With so many travel sites popping up on the internet, travelers and riders have access to a pre-planned route to popular destinations in the country. But some of us seek the thrill of traveling to unfamiliar places, the thrill of riding on the less traveled road.

For such enthusiastic motorcycle groups, we have built a time-saving app for efficient route planning.

A fixed route shared with every rider in real time saves everyone from the dreadful feeling of being utterly lost on the road. A wrong turn won’t feel so pressingly regretful because Traeser will help the lone wolf get back on track with the rest of the bunch. Every rider will always be informed about the group’s location.

The group ride must have a start and an end point. On the previous day itself, the lead rider can find a location that is convenient for everyone.  Add all the riders as participants of the trip. Then, they can suggest scenic spots, places for refreshments and photos. All these points can be seen visually on the route within the app. What’s more, if you ever want to change the places you want to halt at, you can edit the waypoints during the trip.


Some trips might need more than one administrator to plan and manage the trip. In such a case, you can add a co-host to allow them to manage the trip with full edit rights.

To top all the route-planning task, you can add a playful touch to the trip by adding a custom picture for every trip. It’s a great way to personalize each of your traveling experiences.

Planning and following your own route gets easier with a flexible app like Traeser. You don’t have to follow others. You can plan any to ride through any route anytime! The route details are archived for easy recall at any future time.



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