Prioritize Safety on Group Bike Rides with Traeser

A first aid box may help you escape minute medical emergencies like cuts and small wounds. But what happens if the ride turns into a severe accident? We know you don’t want to think of this gruesome possibility but its best to be prepared for emergencies.

How can one ensure safety in dangerous situations on the road?

No matter the age and health of the rider, medical history is important. When there’s limited time, your medical information could mean the difference between life and death.

All the members of the group won’t know the medical history of each and every rider. For this simple reason, Traeser has a clear section of medical details, which lists the doctor’s name, his contact number, and the rider’s medical history, including the essential documents.


Don’t restrict your pre-ride meeting to just a discussion about the route and riding formation. In the pre-ride meeting of any trip, the group leader can push all the group riders to add their medical details in the app. Talk them into how this could potentially save their life in case of an emergency. The first and most obvious benefit of this is that other riders can see the medical record in case the rider is unconscious or can’t communicate verbally.

If a rider is injured or needs medical assistance, you can immediately call the specific doctor listed in Medical Details of the rider. You won’t be calling random hospitals to seek professional medical assistance. You’ll be talking to a doctor who is already acquainted with this specific rider and his/her medical history.

Additionally, Traeser is also built to allow your dear ones to track your location in case you are stuck in an emergency situation. Keep your family members as emergency observers of the trip. Your loved ones can log into the app and can know where you are at any given time. This simple location-sharing feature is very helpful when you’re riding to unfamiliar places.


Having Traeser on your side, you don’t need to carry messy medical papers or documents every time you ride. We make sure other riders have the right medical information on hand at the right time, wherever you are.

The next time you ride, ride safely with Traeser!











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