Get over a Breakup: Solo Motorbike Trip Only For You

Soon after a breakup, second thoughts start whirling around in our minds. There’s too much chatter. Friends start bantering and you get loads of unwanted advice. But, when you’re on the road, it’s just you and the destination ahead of you. No thoughts about your ex, or everyone else’s opinion…just you and the sound of the engine, wind and rubber tires against the road.

If you’ve been on a 2+ hours ride on the open road, we don’t even need to convince you about the effect a solo-ride has on the mind. You already know how riding alone can get you into a different zone, a different flow where there are no thoughts bugging you.

Still, for the uninitiated, let us tell you some things:

Solo travel will empower you. You’ll finally get to think about who you are, without any relation to anyone. You’ll learn that your relationships don’t define your identity. A solo ride will remind you of what your heart really wants.

Next up…

Meditation doesn’t work for everyone – that fact is piercing but true. “Close your eyes, breathe deeply, just relax”. How easy to say, right? Ever tried it?

Your friends might not understand that a broken heart is not easy to fix with meditation, especially if you’re meditating for the first time. Some of us simply need to travel to feel calm. Riding to a new strange destination makes us forget (if not entirely, at least it fades away) the bitter past.

Furthermore, you’ll meet other riders and you’ll make new friends on the road. When you interact with people other those in your friend circle or your ex-girlfriend’s friends, you’ll realize you were living in a bubble.

Bottom line…

Life is way too big, man! And to be honest, you haven’t explored even 1/8th of it. In fact, even within your city, there’s more to just dropping your girlfriend at her place. Ride to offbeat places within your city. Yes, these gems are in your reach and you can take to the road anytime!

Don’t worry if you’ve got no idea where to head for a solo trip. Stay tuned for our next post: Discover Maharashtra: Exploring the State by Bike

So, what are you waiting for? Ride on!




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