7 Essential tips for your first bike ride

It’s always fun to watch movies and see people travel and enjoy their life. Especially people who go on long bike rides. It feels so good to see them, riding to locations and meeting up at places with scenic beauty.

But, it’s important to know what efforts it takes to ride a bike for so long. What skills you need to keep your vehicle up and running. Well! Don’t you worry. We Traeser have you covered. Today we are talking about 7 essential tips for your first bike ride.

Let’s get started:

  • Choose your ride: It is important to choose a bike that is comfortable for you. It should not strain your while riding it. The other care that needs to be taken is the bike you take for a long ride is the bike you should know well. If you know the controls and the functioning well, you can take care of your ride and have better control over it, reducing chances of accidents. You can consider buying gel cushion seat so that your butt doesn’t get numb while you ride.


  • Biker clothes: The biker armor, a leather jacket, the guards and a helmet are not for show. They are a necessity on that trip. It is what we need to keep ourselves safe. If you have long hair and want to keep it in place, you can use a bandana to tame those long hair that may slap you while you enjoy your ride. You also need to consider the ever-changing weather. Pack your rainy wear along. But, before you decide on it, try it on and try to get the closest size for all of them.


  • Baggage: Carry as less mess in your bag as possible. Instead carry water bottles as many as possible. It is necessary to stay hydrated. You can also invest in a hydration pack for long rides like Ladakh where, possible stops are less and hence hydration is necessary. These hydration packs have tubes that run through the helmet and reduce the number of stops you might take just for drinking water.


  • Know your trip inside out: Remembering your route to your destination is necessary. If your travel skills are not yet developed enough, you can keep a screenshot of your route or get a print of it along with you. If not that too, you can definitely ask the commoners or other bikers and go on with your route or find a new route that might be way more interesting. Or simply plan the trip on Traeser and have the rest taken care of.


  • Food and Breaks: Considering you have your hydration pack, your breaks should be dependent on your comfort zone. The moment you feel your body cramping it’s time to take a break and free it up. You also need to consider starting your journey light on stomach. This is mainly because, your armour and guards are heavy and can make you feel sick, over that if you eat too much lethargy kicks in and you might feel drowsy while riding. This will be a danger so eat less but take breaks with light snacking. The other thing you need to keep in mind while taking breaks is the fuel in your bike’s tank. You need to time your breaks depending on the condition of your bike.


  • Motivation: The excitement to ride your bike all alone and reaching your destination will start on a high note. But, there will be hurdles that will strike you down. However, you need to look at the destination and it’s beauty and keep going. You’d need a lot of motivation if your breaks don’t work the way they should and everything falls out of place. Stay strong and hit the road even stronger.


  • Bike’s needs: Your bike also needs something extra when you go on a trip like this. If you go to a market and ask the mechanic, he’ll guide you on a list of spares you’d need for any bike. But, your bike has specific needs, so try to know your bike and see what extras you’d need on your 1st trip. You also need to master skills of brake pad changing and tyre replacement because you might not find a mechanic in the middle of your journey and a flat tyre can happen anytime.

So guys these are somethings you need to keep in mind when you prepare for your first bike ride journey. Until next time, enjoy your getaway.

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