A Must-have App For Motorcyclists

Tracking other riders by calling them up every time seems a pretty outdated thing to do. 2019 is coming soon and our lives are still getting more digital by the day. And hey, it’s for the better.

And motorcyclists are no exception. All of us who ride frequently can take advantage of the handy little app that Traeser is.

From tracking every rider in the group to potentially saving your life, this app should appeal to the riders out there who go on group/solo rides every other weekend.

The live location sharing feature is the best part about Traeser as being able to track members in real time has a huge effect on the entire group’s coordination. Everyone will be up to speed about the breaks and halts as plotted on the map. If any rider takes a wrong turn, he/she can pull to the side of the road, open Traeser and see where other riders are.

If you’re a group leader, stay aware of the group’s first-timers. If there are newbies, the best practice would be to use helpful apps that reassure novice riders that it’s okay to lose pace as long as they know the location of other riders.

Other concerns such as unanticipated medical emergencies are also accounted for in Traeser. By adding your emergency contacts and letting them observe your trip, they stay alert about your locations and know how long you’ve been at a place.

More importantly, you can even add your doctor’s contact, medical history and upload your medical documents so they’re all in one place. We’re not saying this part of the app is fun per se, but it definitely is necessary.

With all these fun and functional features, Traeser might be a one-stop solution to all your trip concerns!

Check out Traeser here!


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