Off Roading Tips for New Motorcyclists

Hey you, did the travel bug catch you? If the rough terrains seem to be too inviting, try off-roading this month. But before you run off to your motorcycle, read on and enlighten yourself with these basic tips:

Carry the right gear:

We might have suggested this for group rides. But even for solo rides on the rough terrain, put in an extra gallon of fuel. Carry the equipment to fix a flat tire. You don’t want to be stranded in the woods!


In just about every off-road situation, the traction between the motorcycle and the road matters. For this, you need to educate yourself about off road biased tyres and more. So, visit a local tyre shop and inform yourself about the nitty-gritty.

Keep your vision focused for better body positioning:

You should always be looking at where you want to go, not where you don’t want to go. For example, if you don’t want to hit the tree ahead of you, don’t look there and don’t tilt your head in that direction. This misleads your body positioning and your bike too. Look as far ahead as you can and get all the information through your eyes.

More on Body positioning:

Coming from street riding, riders are used to taking turns with the handlebars or leaning into the curve. With dirt bikes or on the rough terrains, you turn the bike with your body weight. For instance, to turn right, shift your weight left  to aid traction and lean the bike right (counter lean). This keeps your weight evenly distributed over the center mass of the bike.

Do not hold on to the handlebars like you’re about to die the next moment. Leaning on the handlebars will inhibit your riding ability. It is better to maintain a neutral position with no weight bias on the front or the rear.

Off-pavement riders know the art of standing while riding.  Your bike is a fantastic piece of engineering. But you should know the physics to operate it when the going gets tough! Standing transfers the center of weight to the pegs, thereby lowering the centre of gravity. When your legs are on the pegs, your body’s weight will be supported by them and will also act as great shock absorbers. Stand with knees slightly flexed for any significant bumps so your legs absorb the impacts and sit for corners.

Off-roading is a great way to upgrade your riding routine. We hope you off road the right way without breaking your machine or yourself!

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