This App makes Group Bike Rides more efficient

Solo rides give us solitude, peace and some time for reflection. But the feeling of friendship and camaraderie that comes with group rides is simply unbeatable! Regardless of how amazing group rides are, we cringe at the thought of arranging them because of one simple reason: the hassle of planning gets out of control.

If only the planning, scheduling, the countless decisions and the manual task of sharing each one’s locations could get easier!

Traeser takes all the annoyance out of group rides and makes it more efficient. Here’s how…

All you do is publish the route in the app with the group of friends you’re traveling with. The app shares the route with every rider in real time. And it’s not static sharing we’re talking about. Every rider is seeing a present-time location of other riders as the map is refreshed every 20-30 seconds.

Anxiety sets in when you separate from the pack. Having Traeser by your side, you can always pull to the side and check the location of the group. Experienced group riders won’t have to worry about newbies losing pace as they can catch up with the whole group easily. The tracking screen also has “Emergency”, “Break”, “Stop Trip” and “Navigate” buttons. These can be deployed to alert the whole group so appropriate action can be taken.

You can even add waypoints so that everyone is updated on the locations to stop. Simply, tap the map at the location where you want to halt. Then, zoom in to be precise and set the marker wherever on the map you want to. Click ‘ok’ and you’re done.

Traeser is a practical and sensible tool for those who often plan group motorcycle rides. You can plan as many trips as you want and choose whether you want the trip to be open or public.

Gone are the days of text messaging. Track others and stay tracked yourself with Traeser for a better bike ride!

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