5 Tips to Maximize Traeser. Use it to the Fullest!

Sure, Traeser helps you track other location. But is there more to it? Read on and find out for yourself!

Check Notifications:

A notification about some stranger commenting on your friend’s new photo isn’t important. The only thing that notification does is kill your productivity. But when you’re riding in a pack, a notification about other riders’ location will be something you won’t regret. Get an alert or notification whenever a participant needs a break or has an emergency.


Add Observers for Safety:

Traveling comes with its own set of troubles. Your dear ones may get worried when you can’t answer their calls. Traeser takes care of their worries. When you plan a trip, you can add your family members as observers. In case they’d like to know how far you’re reached along your route, they can simply check your location in the app. Without bothering you while you ride, they stay connected and feel secure about your safety.

Add Waypoints:

Obviously, any trip from Point A to Point B can have several possible routes. Which route is your group taking? That’s an important question. By specifying waypoints, the group leader gets to create a clear, well-defined visual for other riders.

Add Medical Details:

Motorcycle crashes aren’t seldom these days. It’s nice to register yourself at the local motorcycle club. But when you ride with a bunch of strangers, it makes sense that every rider knows the medical details for cases of emergency. For mass rides, just broadcasting such personal information to the group is not feasible. Through Traeser, you can see the medical history of every rider. Learn how the app helps you stay safe.

Add Motorcycle Details:

It is mandatory by law to carry all the documents of purchase and registration of a bike at all times. As a police officer can ask you for these anytime, it’s best to have them handy. Traeser lets you add a PDF of all your documents, be it an insurance certificate or the registration certificate.

Ready to use Traeser? Download the app now!

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