The Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Crashes

Who doesn’t love to touch the top speed and make their motorcycle roar louder than anyone?  But do you know in 2017, Motorcycle riders comprised 36 percent of traffic deaths? Getting to the root of these accidents is key.

Left-turning cars:

Intersections are easy, except when the car beside you tries to turn left in front of you. The driver as often is the case, won’t be attentive to the motorcycle behind him. What he views is the absence of cars and so he takes the opportunity to take a turn. You’re no astrologer to predict the future but you should always know the situation around you. Check to see if the driver is moving his head left to right which would indicate his turn.

Lane Splitting:

This may save time when you’re stuck in clogged up traffic. But most riders are inexperienced to handle the risks that come with riding between two lanes of slow moving cars. In a simplistic sense, lane splitting doesn’t have to be dangerous since it only means the rider passes the vehicle in the same lane. However, when cars and large trucks switch lanes, they may be unable to see the motorcycle behind them.

To avoid this, make sure you’re not in a blind spot. You should be able to see the car’s mirrors and more specifically, the face of the driver. This confirms that you both can see each other.

Riding under the influence:

Alcohol and drugs affect the brain, vision, hearing, muscle response, and the sense of balance. Since two-wheelers are even more dangerous than cars, it’s important that riders realize the gravity of the problem.

Do not drink and ride. If you’re heading out to a party where you might drink, leave the bike at home. You can always get a cab!


We know you bought the motorcycle for its ability to go faster than cars. Maybe you bought a sports bike or a high-performance bike but you still need to follow the speed limit. Riding at a safe speed ensures traction at all times. If you ever need to stop, you won’t have to slam the brakes!

Constantly training your body while staying aware of your surroundings, is a great way to keep safe. With seat belts and airbags, cars are much safer. Since motorcycles lack this safety, you must take the necessary precautions.


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