Solo vs Group Motorcycle Rides

To go on a motorcycle trip with your buddies is an experience every motorcyclist should catch. That is not to mean that group rides are everyone’s cup of tea.

While most riders have a defined preference for one of the two, some may not be clear about what group rides entirely entail. Here’s a rundown of the things you need to know about both kinds of rides:

The  Best and Worst Parts of Solo Rides:

No etiquette and no restriction is the best part about solo rides. You ride on your terms. You can take the road you see fit and choose the destination you would like to visit. In fact, if halfway through your ride, you change your mind, nobody is going to point fingers at you. You’re in complete control of the whole ride. You can stop whenever you want, grab a cup of coffee at any restaurant you like.

Something that is overlooked is what we’ll discuss here: Traveling in a pack means the big group won’t get to eat at crowded restaurants. On the contrary, no matter how swarmed a restaurant is, they can always make space for one more person.

The downside to traveling alone is the financial part. It’s more expensive to travel alone. In groups, you can get your hands on a budget-friendly package for the accommodation.

The Best and Worst Parts of Group Rides:

For the solo rider, the only companion he needs is his motorcycle. But if you like more companionship and want to experience camaraderie,  group rides are ideal. The fact that every person in the group loves something in common is so motivating. Grabbing a beer and initiating conversations with other riders, learning new skills and tricks is what you sign up for in group rides. Alluded to above, the expenses are shared and so it’s more economical.

New riders can gain some confidence when riding with more experienced riders. They feel more secure and can learn the rules of the road.

However, the idea of constantly maintaining fixed positions while riding alongside other motorcyclists can unnerve these newbies too. Importantly, a helping hand is a bike away.

Finally, the pitfall of group rides if problems with scheduling, riders’ cancellations, and waiting for latecomers.

Both group rides and solo rides are essentially ways of leaving your comfort zone. In a pack, you will challenge yourself to keep up with other riders. When you go solo, you will have to explore new routes and destinations all by yourself and without any help.

Which one of the two do you like? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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