17 Motorcycle Touring Tips for an Epic Ride

Flights, local buses, rental cars are great modes of transport while traveling. But if you truly want to enjoy traveling, a motorcycle tour is perfect.

Today, we’re sharing 17 motorcycle touring tips so you can handle just about any situation on the road. Here we go…

  1. Pack light and smart. When packing, make sure to carry as much disposable stuff you can which can be used & discarded. For instance, swap shampoo bottles with small sachets. Also, fold your clothes instead of stuffing them directly. To reduce the weight, you can rewear a pair of clothes.
  2. Service your bike. Perform the basic checks. You need to be sure your steed is all prepped up for the long ride.
  3. Check your clothing. This is particularly for Indian tours: Your ride is going to be dusty so you might want to stay away from light-colored clothes that can get dirty on the road.
  4. Make sure you have all the paperwork. You need special state-level permits or All India Permits to be allowed to travel across state borders.
  5. Carry a spare key. This may sound silly but you might get into something unexpected. You can lose your key anytime. So, it’s best to carry a spare key and hide it somewhere on the bike.
  6. Carry cash. Carrying loads of cash can be a lot of weight to carry but you never know if a gas station won’t have the card machine working right. Plus, if you’re traveling to a remote place, people there will be more likely to accept cash as the form of payment.
  7. Keep sipping water every now and then while you ride. Before everything else, don’t drink too much alcohol the night before a You can even add some glucon-d or Gatorade to your water if you want.
  8. Be extra careful at night. Look far ahead so you are aware of any potholes, speed breakers etc. in advance.
  9. There’s no rush when you’re riding alone. So, halt whenever you’re feeling too tired, sip on some chai and explore places.
  10. Eat right. Long rides can wear you, right? To feel energized throughout the ride, eat healthy nourishing wholesome meals whenever you stop at an eatery.
  11. Stay Prepared. You cannot always predict the weather. To stay prepared on rainy days, carrying raincoats & pants that will fit over your riding gear & raincovers for luggage are a must.
  12. Take regular breaks. You can take a five-minute break after every 50-100 kms.
  13. Always wear a helmet. This one is an obvious one. It’s not a matter of law, but a matter of your safety!
  14. Know the route. Always ensure you’re on the right road. In case you want to check, you should pull over and check your phone.
  15. It’s good to fill up before setting off. Remote places may not have as many petrol pumps.
  16. Carry a first aid kit: The first aid kit should contain plasters of different sizes and shapes, splints, sterile gauze dressings, sterile eye dressings, disposable sterile gloves, and antiseptic creams and lotions.
  17. Enjoy the ride. A solo ride is a memorable experience. So make the most of your ride and enjoy it to the fullest!





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