Travel in a pack? Here’s how to create a group on Traeser

Bike rides just bring a bunch of friends even closer. There may be apps flooding the market that track your rides, count your calories and more. Even so, Traeser kills two birds (or maybe, more) with one stone!

Not quite up to speed on what the app does? Check this out:


So, adding to the route tracking feature is the simplicity with which you can create a group.

When you’re logged into the app, all you do is click on the “add trip” sign, fill in the details like date and time. Trips are of three types; Private (My Trips) where the host invites participants; Open Trips where anyone on the Traeser Platform can join the trip but only participants and observers can access the details; Public Trips (can be Private or Open) where anyone on the Traeser Platform can access details including media.

Now, you’re just two steps away from organizing your group ride. Once you’ve settled on the route, invite your friends by tapping on Participants (in case of Private Trip). Your friends will receive a notification. They can either accept or decline your invite.  Additionally, you may even add trip observers for everyone’s safety! Your friends can even add personal observers through their own phones. Each observer can view the active participants in the trip and the location which is updated every 20 to 30 seconds.

Lastly, when the group ends its ride, you get to see a ‘Complete Trip’ option. This lets all your rider friends give the feedback for the trip.

Traeser makes it easy to organize your group rides so you have more time to do what you all love… ride together.



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