Different types of people on Motorcycle Trips

A group of friends or family is made up of people with different characters. Some are annoying, some are okay, some are just perfect. But, group trips are fun filled with these different kinds of people working in unison to make the time spent together worthwhile.

If you want to know what kind of people are there in a group then keep reading:

The early bird: This person is always ready and at the departure point before everyone else open their eyes. They are the ones who are organized and sleep on time to be able to wake up on time in the morning. In fact, they sometimes rise along with the sun and get a great view of the sun early in the morning. How cool is that?

The late latif: The person who is always late. No matter how many calls you make or the number of warnings you give. They are going to get late. They are the kings and queens that are always ready to ruin the plans by making everyone wait. According to them, “ The Queen is never late. Others are simply early.”

The Jon Snow: Until the last minute this person knows nothing. They don’t know how to reach the departure point. They don’t know whom to meet. They need a parent along with them to pick them and drop them or maybe a friend who’ll always be a parent to them. If you have such a friend, you can ask them to download Traser app and let them know of a pickup point nearest to their location so that no one gets left out.

The luggage lover: There is one who carries a lot of luggage. They have a different home in their bags and love to keep what suits them with themselves adding to weight of the trip. It’s like they are always plus 1.

The God: This person in the group knows it all. No one tells them, they are present in the group and are well prepared. They bring everything. They know what you want before you tell them. They are the best.

The planner: This person is the most excited for any trip. They have everything ready, from the expense to the booking and also a what to carry list. They pick out the best route and alternative routes to take us to the destination in as less time as possible. They are usually people who have a vehicle or can arrange for one hence, plan pick up and drop for everyone and also the one whose number is fed in every parent’s phone.

We understand their responsibilities. Hence, our app has features that saves their time and keeps the flow smooth and easy to change so that they don’t have a hard time. They can use Traeser to track people. They can use it and ask parents to download it so that they can stay connected with their children and also plan meeting points and pick- up drop points to plan the trip and keep everyone in loop. This time even Jon Snow will know everything.

If you feel we missed anyone that is on your list of “kind” of people, let us know in the comments.

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