Paper Maps v/s GPS

Travel is not easy and requires skills. People who went on sea adventures like Captain Jack Sparrow and Christopher Columbus had a great sense of direction. Still because of an un-updated map, Columbus tumbled on the shore of America, believing it was India.

This is why up-to-date maps are much needed. But, since that time there has been progress in the making of paper maps and globes. It has improved more than we imagined it could get. You can now know where is North and not depend on the stars. An area map gives you an idea of the roads that connect to your chosen destination. Features and the type of terrain is also evident from a physical map of the location you choose to explore. There are very less places that have been left unexplored now.

The thought of paper maps is stylish yet very tedious. In today’s world, where everything is compactly stored on your phone, removing a big paper map is not advisable. It can pave driving problems for both, you and the people around you. Secondly, the paper maps might not give you an idea of what the weather is or which road is blocked due to an incident. You might get into problems with maps that way. Hence, now is when we would like to ask you to turn to technological advancement and not stay in the cave.

Also, our app Treaser, works best for GPS users. How? Well, consider you want to keep your family acquainted throughout the trip of your whereabouts, then this app will keep you connected with them. Also, if you change your route you can update them about it. Isn’t that cool?

But, still, we have to see who wins the map war. Right now, both are just doing fine, but the added benefit to the GPS that we Treaser give, makes it even better.

Let us know in the comments about your choice of map!

Until then,

Bon Voyage.

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