The Best App for Indian Motorcyclists

Motorcycling is one of the most amazing once in a lifetime experience. If you have done this before, you might probably be addicted to it.

Unlike other countries which have a pretty moderate or even terrain throughout the country, India is nothing like it. You’ll find a stream at an unexpected place and 10 different roads leading to your destination.

In a country with so much diversity it is difficult to know how to travel safe and how to check the easiest routes until you check them out yourself or meet other bikers heading your way.

Considering too many cooks spoil the broth, taking too much advice can give you a benefit of doubt, that will ruin your experience.

Also, Indian parents are different. Every parent is concerned about their child, but Indian parents really get too tensed when hear their kid is going out to travel all alone. Their concern is right considering the ever changing terrain of Indian land, with landslides and other disasters common in some places. It really sets your heart racing.

Indians also share an amazing bond with their friends and hence, like to take people along with them on an adventure.

Considering all these things we, Treaser came up with a solution. We knew we had to keep everyone in mind. The rider, their friends and their family too.

We came up with an app that kept everyone in the loop and the rider safe.

Our app has many features. One of which includes drawing your map. You can now mark your way on the map and let all the people know.

If you change your route you can notify them as this app allows everyone to stay connected with you.

If your friends are tagging along from different starting points you can track them too.

Isn’t this cool?

Perfectly customised for Indians.

So, download Treaser app now and start riding tension free.

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