4 Thrilling Motorcycle Rides You Should Add to Your Bucket List

Motorbiking is a cool and thrilling experience. Every trip is different from the one before. It’s like you enter a different world every time you choose a destination. Every journey is a different story that unfolds as you ride closer to the destination.

Some bike rides have terrains that are crossed with most difficulty. These roads seem to look like a warning to let people know it’s not meant for them. Just like the Gates of Paradise.

Today, we Treaser are bringing to you the 5 most Thrilling Motorbike rides you can add to your Bucket List.

Sikkim: A rider’s skills can be mapped with their way of riding and also their balance on the bike. These roads in Sikkim will give you the skip-a-beat experience with their picturesque valleys and narrow roads. So, keep your gear ready and also practice to ride slow and precise.

Western Ghats, Karnataka: If you are an absolute fan of the humid climate with the foggy rains and green jungle. This off-roading like experience is for you. The ghats give you a fun time of riding on a to a hill and inside tunnels adding to the fun. The added nature’s canopy makes the filtered light worth the ride.

Rajasthan, Desert Riding: If you are like those people who like to experience how tough the heat can be, then Rajasthan’s desert biking is for you. Here, you’ll enjoy the experience of riding on open grounds and also on small sand dunes adding to your one time experience. But have your tank full. You don’t want your bike to get stuck in the sand do you?

Manali to Ladakh: Ladakh is an expected trip in your bucket list. But, if you are a daredevil, you won’t choose the easy way. The trip from Manali is filled with ups and downs and also with the tough journey that you can tell people about in your woven stories. Let chills run through everyone’s spine with this awesome experience.

 Spiti: Spiti Valley is a cold desert in the Himalayas. Yes! The cold and scenic Himalaya with tall standing mountains and to beat the cold atmosphere, they have hot springs. Yes! Hot springs. Along with this, your picture will have a hue of whites and blues adding to the calmness in your mind. This bike ride will make you think about your life and could be the turning point you are looking for.

These are some awesome bike ride destinations you can choose. But, do not set on your bon voyage until you download Treaser.

Treaser app will help you in many ways, this app will keep you safe, your family and friends updated and also help you track your route in the easiest way without having to stop and open that big map or let that big chunk of paper take up any space.


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