How to Locate a Motorcycle Group with Which to Ride

Whether you’re a new rider or someone who is riding after a long break, traveling in a motorcycle group is helpful. You can trade your knowledge about the riding routes and learn unique skills from them and form a memorable bond.

Before you seat yourself on your motorcycle, ask yourself what kind of riding buddies do you want? You know yourself the best. So, do you want to go on an adventure? Or do you want to simply cruise along?

Asking these questions will let you arrive at the type of group with which you are a good fit. Your next concern should be whether the group is up for international rides or restricts itself to local ones.

Now, all you do is go out and meet with the riders at social events like parties. If you feel comfortable around these people, this may be the group you wish to join.

Friends or Colleagues

Ask your colleagues and friends if they know about active local clubs and you might end up with some of their rider friends. You can check out the riding style of these suggested clubs and find the right one for you.


It’s 2019. So you better make the most use out of Facebook. Simply typing in your city followed by “motorcycle club” will show you a huge list of groups in your locality. Make sure the group has like-minded riders. ┬áIf you own a dirt bike, you will resent joining a sports bike club. You can check out the recent activities of each group and even skim through the profile of the group leader. If you like their personality, you’ll probably like the group too.

Going on a group ride is about more than the ride. You may meet people with a worldview different than yours. Maybe the next group ride will be with people who completely blow your mind. Who knows!


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