Connect with your buddies during motorcycle rides

Its been a really long time since ‘Jai and Veeru’ Bikes have gone out of style. So, now taking your Yaar on a bike trip with you could blow up as a disaster. Why you may ask?

Well! You’d have to piggyback them on your bike. If you both are going to take turns. One of you is obviously drooling on the other when sitting behind.

That doesn’t sound appealing. If you suggest planning a trip with your buddy, you may be acquainted with their behavior. Too many stops. Late at everything. It could be anything. You can wave this off for a small meeting or a night out with them. But a planned explore trip! No way. You have a calculated time. The exact amount of gas and energy. You certainly can’t jeopardize this planning for your trip. You do love them but, it’s difficult to choose between them. Right?

Well, fear no more. We are Treaser. We have an app that can solve this problem. We kept the chaddi buddies in mind when we designed it. Want to know how we can help? Then keep reading.

Our app has 2 features best suited for you. The first one is Plan a trip and the second one is Stay connected.

The first feature allows you to plan a trip and share it with people you want on the trip or keep it open and other Treaser users can see it too so they’ll join you on the trip if interested. If you feel that the route you chose was the best, you can make this trip public and let everyone see it. Who knew sharing maps would be so easy?

The second feature is far more interesting. Here you can track all the people who have joined you on the trip. They can see where you are and vice versa. You can define the “waypoints” to indicate break destination and time. If you want to take a break during riding, the “Break” button on the tracking screen sends a message to all riders requesting a stop. If you per chance get lost, pressing the “Navigate” button on the tracking screen will directly open google maps to give you a turn by turn direction to the next defined “waypoint”.

Wow! Now no one will get lost on road trips.

So, what are you waiting for? Hop on your bike with Traeser on your phone. And don’t forget to invite your Yaar to the trip.

Until then,

Keep riding!

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