The Safest Helmets for Indian Riders

India is known for its terrain’s beauty. They are free flowing and have their own natural beauty. Places that are rarely explored due to drastic conditions have a pure beauty without the intervention of Human architecture. The weather and platonic movements doing their regular job to keep it changing from time to time.

India is also known for its mile-by-mile changing temperature. We have a variety of climates from humid to dry and from hot to freezing cold. India is known for its variety.

Considering this, there are chances you’ll come across these while riding a two-wheeler in India, narrow roads, with mountains and hills to cross. Some may have safety markings while the untouched ones may not. You have to take care of yourself.

Even if you completely trust your riding skills which may be good considering you are planning a motorbiking road trip, it’s better to gear up than to just leave unprepared.

Some people consider buying leather jackets as a part of gearing up. Motorbiking gear is far better at keeping you safe than just buying a leather jacket. You can still buy the jacket along with the gear but, that would just be for show.

The major part of the gear is the helmet which people often seem to keep out of the checklist to look cool, but often forget how much this helmet can protect them. If you still live in disbelieve on the positives of having a helmet, we are here to tell you more about it and which one is best for you. So keep reading.

Let’s see a helmet and it’s parts. Then we go to the list of 3 tough and stylish helmets that will add a style to your gear.

Three layers of the helmet along with retention system provides the safety to bike riders.

  • Rigid outer shell: Takes the first hit during a crash. This layer absorbs the sharp impact energy by distorting itself and redistributing the force over a wide area.
    Helps to slide along the road. The longer time and length taken before biker stops after a crash, the probability of survival increases dramatically.
  • The inner layer of foam: This soft layer is made to absorb the forces of accident and self destruct. This way peak impact can be avoided.
  • Comfort layer: This layer does not have an as much important role to play for safety. It just produces a cushion during the hit.
  • Retention System: After an accident when the biker hits the ground, the helmet should stay with biker’s head. The retention system ensures that it does not fell off during any crash.

Keeping in mind these safety parts which protect our head we have got to you 3 best helmets you could buy to keep your head safe.

Royal Enfield: This brand is the favourite of Indian bike lovers. Majorly known for it’s ‘Bullet’ line of bikes, it has also been providing some high-quality bike accessories from over a century. The helmets usually manufactured by OEMs offer superior comfort and the “R” badging embedded on the front showcases the class of Enfield.

Steelbird:  Steelbird offers the entire range of gear and accessories for motorcyclists. It is known for its colour range by the youngsters. It exports to 50 countries around the world. With 47 models, Steelbird’s quality also meets an average person’s price range. The Indian-based firm produces a variety of bike helmets including flip-up, open face, modular and more.

Vega: Vega India has a market share of around 35% in India. The brand offers all types of helmets that are certified with ISI. Around 40% product it exports to USA, Europe and other Asian countries. This certainly makes them a smart and trusted choice.

Now you know how to keep your head safe. Now, it’s time to use it and download Treaser an app. It is designed keeping Indians in mind with special features like tracking people during a group trip. Arranging pick and drop for your friends. Sharing a location with them or your family to keep them updated about you, and yes not to forget, if you change your route you can share your route and with others so that they never lose you.

Isn’t it perfect? So gear up and get ready to ride. Don’t forget your phone with the Traeser app and your helmet.

Until then,

Safe riding.

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