5 Tools Every Motorcyclist Should Carry

Before you start off your next ride, affix a tool kit to your bike. Carrying a few basic essentials is always a good idea. Here’s what you should pack up:

Pair of pliers

Don’t get at it with your fingernails. A quality pair of pliers will give you good grip and can help straighten, tighten and hold parts and fasteners. Quality of pliers is important. Cheaper versions will be softer and prone to damage when used on harder items.

Chain breaker tool

Choose a chain breaker tool that can withstand years of use and abuse. It’s a compact, a handy little tool can pop pins out of any bike chain with ease. An old chain can become really loose and could rattle when you ride. This is dangerous if the chain gets too loose. Moreover, it will affect the overall performance of the bike.

Motorcycle stand

You will need some bike support just to safely check oil level, chain tension or spoke tightness. As most motorcycles lack center-stands, it’s advisable to carry one. If you want to remove wheels, you will probably want to advance to a jack-style support

Pocket knife

This is such a multipurpose tool for bikers and those who frequently go on adventure tours. Choose one that is portable, safe, comfortable to use — but most importantly, it has to be really good at cutting.  A pocket knife is also great for self-defense if a problem arises.


The ring-and-open-end wrench & socket wrenches are the two varieties of wrenches. The latter does make the operation much faster, but you should choose the wrench that gives you the most ability at the lowest cost. Having these wrenches also gives you the basic for motorcycle maintenance and customizing.

Someone who rides regularly may need additional items. But we hope we covered the essentials in this list!

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