How to Stay Safe during Motorcycle Rides

Motorcycle rides are fun and a lifetime experience. People love to go out on their bike to explore the world. It’s like a voyage on the roads. Unlike the sea route exploration, the people change every mile on the roads, the culture and food change too. Some roads are broad and some are narrow, some are empty and some are crowded. Knowing the roads change more than the sea, a rider needs to be able to ride in any kind of situation.

Hence, we Treaser are going to help you be ready for anything and ride safely.

  1. Weather: Before you set out on a road trip, it’s best to check the weather from your starting point and also on your route. It’s best to opt for places like Northeastern states and the northern picturesque destination when the weather is normal and not too drastic. Northeastern states experience a lot of rain during the month of July and August and its best to avoid travelling to these places during this time as there can be chances of getting stuck in a flood.
  2. Roads: No matter how great you ride, a little research is important to be safe and to get the best of the ride. You need to have an idea of the type and size of the road and also know your route well. It can help you know how far you are from your destination and also locate break stops and not waste your fuel.
  3. Gear: Even if you are a pro at keeping your body safe from injuries, you need to have a complete gear to protect you from unexpected injuries. You definitely need to include a helmet. If you refer to our blog on safest helmets you’d get a glimpse of what type of helmet is best. An extra tyre, accelerator/clutch and tools to help service your bike in case the service center is far are some of the important gears you need to use.
  4. Contact: You need to stay in contact with people who can help you if you get stuck or meet with an accident. You can have a contact list help number to keep you safe. We Treaser have a special feature in our app which has the emergency tab with the number of the person who can help you easily available and just a touch away.

Now you can go out on a wanderlust ride alone or with your friends safely.

But, don’t forget to download Treaser app and get a smooth riding experience with your road map on the phone and also an easy way to connect with your friends on a road trip.

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