The Benefits of Riding a Motorcycle

Meditative Benefits:

On a motorcycle, you experience the world with all your senses. It’s the time you forget about the deadlines at your workplace or any such personal worries about your partner, kids, or family and feel free. You are truly in control of yourself and you’re independent enough to go anywhere. Riding your bike can be a form of therapy or mindful meditation.

Cognitive Benefits:

At the University of Tokyo, Ryuta Kawashima found that riders aged 40-50 had improved levels of cognitive function after riding their bikes daily to work for just two months. The study concluded that motorcycle riding activates the problem solving and decision making regions of the brain. Kawashima also noted that their brains were operating at a higher level of concentration too! On the road, riders also have to make judgements and correspond to other vehicles. This improves their ability of spatial reasoning and social behavior too.

Physical Benefits:

Now you have a fun activity to replace the daily jog or a brisk walk. Motorcycle riding is a healthy, low-impact, aerobic sports activity that burns around 200-300 calories per hour. Unlike driving a car, riding a motorcycle uses the majority of our muscles, in the upper and lower body.  Because riding takes a lot of strength, you burn calories and can even lose weight over time. Motocross and off-road riding burn even more calories because of the challenges of moving in rough terrain.

While riding a motorcycle, we are multi-tasking. We gauge road conditions, maneuver the body posture and lean angle and anticipate any dangers on the road.

We think all these benefits are great reasons to get the bike out more often! What do you think?

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