Tips to get good mileage for your bike

Fuel price hikes come in such short successions that people everywhere are looking for ways to increase gas mileage. Today, we’re telling you how you can make riding your motorcycle an inexpensive affair.

Fill up in the morning:

Morning and nighttime are the coldest times of the day when gasoline may be denser due to lack of heat. During the day, petroleum and diesel expand. So, you get a lesser quantity of fuel for the amount you’ve paid.

Keep tires at correct pressure:

When the pressure of your tires is high, at every point of time, there is less amount of surface area in contact with the ground. This is good for mileage. You should know that higher pressure increases mileage, but it will result in a reduced contact patch, decreasing traction.

Avoid aggressive riding:

As you twist the throttle, you are actually opening up the fuel valve and letting more petrol into the combustion chamber. By constantly increasing or decreasing the speed, you are repeatedly wavering the input of fuel into the chamber which makes it inefficient. Aim for optimum intake of fuel which would give you constant combustion. Rash acceleration and sudden braking ruin your mileage.

Obey the speed limit:

When you ride at an even speed, you waste less fuel energy. At higher speeds, more energy might get converted into heat and get lost due to increased air resistance. Again, the efficiency of the engine is not optimum in this case. Even speed also reduces the chance of wear and tear of your motorcycle’s parts. More wear and tear, in turn, leads to a less efficient fuel system and lesser mileage.

Take the highways:

Highways help you avoid traffic jams. A bike that is lane-splitting through jammed traffic is bound to consume more fuel than a bike which is traveling at constant reasonable speeds. Highways are flatter so you won’t have to constantly twist the throttle.

Shop right:

Motorists can also choose motorcycles with smaller engines and more efficient fuel delivery systems.

We hope these tips help you get the best mileage out of your two-wheeler and make it a cost-effective way to commute in your town!

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