4 Destinations to Ride Over the Weekend

Motorbike rides are not just about the road, they go beyond that! It is about the curves on the roads, the sidelining trees forming a canopy, the breeze hitting the face as you speed up, and the smell of the place when it rains. It’s about everything that adds up to the bike ride.

Though long bike trips are an adventure with a change in the atmosphere and the challenging weather, it is best to have some change or the fun of the big things just vanishes. Just like too much chocolate kills your sweet tooth.

If you want to unwind with your bae (Motorbike) over the weekend, then we have some amazing locations near Mumbai, that is at a hop-skip-jump distance.

So, let’s ride!

  1. Goa: Goa is always a must-visit location. If we ever knew how close Goa is from Mumbai, it would have been a go-to mini vacay location. But, it’s never too late. Now you can just take a few clothes in your backpack and get riding on your bike to Goa. It is 608 km from Mumbai and takes a 10-hour ride via NH 4. Though Goa is pretty crowded, you can explore some untouched beaches and architectural beauty. There’s a different feel to bike riding when the houses and churches look so beautiful. If you are into photography, you can also get amazing clicks of birds at Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary and party when the sun sets with neon bands on your hands.


  1. Lonavala: Lonavala is another go-to location for anyone who loves mountains. Lonavala is also filled with greenery. The view is breathtaking. People visit Lonavala during the winter where you can enjoy driving through the mist. You can also go to Lonavala during the rainy season when the fog is accompanied by a chilled drizzle of rain. It is 83 km away from Mumbai and takes up to 2 hours via Sion-Panvel Expressway and MH SH 79. So, if you are going to enjoy the drizzle don’t forget to wear your rainwear while you drive. Also, a helmet is a must.


  1. Malshej ghats: It is a less known attraction. A part of the western ghats, this place is something that you’ll never forget. More than the destination, this is one of those places where you’ll cherish the way towards the destination. During the rainy season, you can enjoy many waterfalls. Even while riding, you might get wet, because there are some open on road waterfalls. So, if you are a fan of getting wet in the rain and riding with all the water on you, this might be the best road trip for you.


  1. Tarkarli: Done with the dusty roads and trying to find something peaceful? Tarkarli is for you. Tarkarli is a pollution free destination, with beaches and mountains. The best part of being in a pollution free destination is that you can enjoy the best of stargazing. The clear sky will fill your soul with a new zeal to travel more. It is 486 km from Mumbai and takes about 10 hr via NH 66.


We also have a bonus destination. Ever heard of Sula Vineyards? Yes? Then maybe you should consider going there. They have stay facilities in the Vineyard and also you can enjoy the wine tasting crash course. Just take care that you don’t drink and ride. It’s best to crash in the bed than to crash when you ride.

If you are planning a group trip or have an amazing route to a destination and want to let people know, then we are here to help you. Download the Traeser app. You can plan your route and share it with people if you want people to try it out. So, be an explorer and share your best route your favourite destination on Traeser.

Until then,

Ride Safe.



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