Motorcycle Storage

Winters are chilly. Everyone likes a cup of coffee that will defrost their cold fingers and bring in some warmth to the body. This year, the winter took a longer working contract and February is as cold as the winter in December and January.

As we humans need to warm ourselves and keep ourselves away from the frostbiting cold outside the house, even ourĀ  bikes need some tending to be done before they are left to rest for a month or 2 of hibernation

Today we, at Traeser, are here to help you maintain your bike for the winter.

So, let’s get started!

Clean the dirt: Getting your hands wet in winter might be a scary thought, but it’s a necessary evil we’d have to take care of. Cleaning is a must as any dust or dirt on your bike can aid to corrosion. It’s best to avoid corrosion so that your bike looks like new even after a chilly winter.

Keep the water away: Water and metal are enemies. It’s best to keep them away. So, you can always apply wax on your bike to help keep it away from water so the metal stays safe.

Check the oil: It’s best to change the oil. The oil can turn rancid over time and can have destructive effects on your bike. So put in some golden goodness before your babe goes into hibernation.

Battery Check: No matter what battery you have, it will discharge even when the ignition is off. To avoid sulfate formation, it is best to remove the battery and charge it in a week or so.

Oiling: Oiling all the parts, the brakes, the clutch and also the chain is important. It will keep all these parts from jamming when you take your babe out for a ride after the winter. She would look as good as new if you take this step.

Where should I keep it? The best place would be to keep it away from the ground, the door, and the windows. To achieve this, you can keep it in the center of the garage on a center stand, so that the wheels don’t touch the ground. Fill in the tires to their max and make it a point to rotate it once every day to avoid flat spots.

Cover it, and stay assured your bike is going to be warm and cozy in the garage like a small baby wrapped in a blanket.

We hope these winter tips for your bike make your maintenance job tenfold easier!

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