Hand signals used by bikers for a group biking trip

The best part of biker groups is that they have uniformity and a way to ride together. They don’t always know the route, but they follow each other without trying to overtake each other. It’s awesome to see them ride in one line with such uniformity.

The key to uniformity is the hand signals.There  are different hand signals that groups practise to keep their signals original and to avoid confusion with other groups. But, there are still some basics that we can help you with.

So, let’s twist the wrist.


  • Turn left: Turning left is pretty easy, just a straight left hand out will indicate a left turn ahead.bike 5
  • Turn right: It is not wise to handle a bike with a less dominant hand, so lift your left hand at 90° and fold your fingers inwards into a fist. This will indicate the right turn.bike 1


  • Speed up: Extend your arm and swing your palm in an upward direction to give the signal to catch up with others by speeding up.bike 2
  • Slow down: Extend your arm and swing your palm down toward the road to tell everyone in the group to slow down. This will help to avoid sudden brakes before you signal a stop.

bike 3

  • Stop: It’s a 90° downward hand with palm facing to the back. This signals people to stop their vehicle.bike 4.jpg

Refreshments and Fuel

  • Refreshments: Make a “thumbs up” with your left hand and gesture toward your mouth (or the front of your helmet) as though your thumb is a straw poking up out of a glass of water.

bike 6

  • Fuel stop: Communicate your need to refuel by pointing to your fuel tank using your left index finger.

bike 7


  • Single and Double file: Extend your left index finger and bend your arm up to the sky. The number of fingers you hold up is the number of files that need to be created.

bike 8bike 9.jpg

Now that you know some basic signs, you can download the Traeser app and ask your group of friends to go out on a group motorbike trip with you. Don’t forget to teach the newbies the cool hand signals to keep them safe.

Along with sharing the route, you are taking, there is also an emergency tab where people can save a contact number of a person who can rescue them when in need. You can also signal a break on the Traeser app if you are tired. So, if you can’t do the hand gestures, try Traeser app.

Until then,

Safe riding.

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