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An Easy Way to Track your Riding Buddies


Ever been the only person who reaches on time? You are always at the rendezvous first and tired of calling your friends and checking how far they’ve reached. They keep fibbing that they are almost there and still haven’t left. Been there? We’ve been there too.

Arranging group trips is fun and everything, but the lazy ones make it impossible to reach the destination on time. It spoils the mood of the people and makes people tired who’ve been waiting for long. Also disturbing someone while they ride is dangerous.

To solve all these problems we Traeser came up with an idea. An app to help track friends on a group riding trip. Amazing right?

Let us walk you through this feature in detail.


Planning a trip is easy with Traeser. After you have signed up for the app. Click the ‘+’ sign on the top left corner and you can create a trip by adding waypoints and then adding observers and participant to the list.  The waypoints are numbered and show the exact route of travel.

Once you start the trip you can see people on the map and can track them and be tracked accordingly.

If you have a friend who’s hungry all the time or requires frequent stops, they can alert you about it with the button called ‘Break’. The other participants will get notified about this with a message.

The reason to send a message is that if a person is driving the message doesn’t disturb them much as a call would.  You can take your own break and wait for them to meet you at your location which updates every 10-30 secs. So you can now ride safe and keep a track of your fellow riders.

Another awesome part is when someone is just tagging along to a specific distance and will then take a route to another destination, they can exit the trip using the button ‘Stop trip’ or can rejoin the trip whenever they like. Another amazing feature to track your friends.

The ‘Emergency’ button leaves a message to the other participants about the one who called for help as well as to the “emergency contact” of the rider. The location of the participant gets updated so you can rush to help in case there is an accident or emergency.

This is how you can track your buddies with Traeser.

An app to take care so that no one gets left out.

Until next time!


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