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The Guide to buying a Used Motorcycle



Buying a brand new bike can be too heavy for your wallet. Even if you hold the thought for the moment and wait until you get a raise and save some money and plan to take one on EMI, you still know it’s a long way ahead.

Considering you want to enjoy your bike riding life before your bones fail to clutch and gear, you can buy used bikes in the market. Just like Baba Sehgal says, “Feel new new new in Second Hand.”

If you are looking for the same new feel you’d get in a brand new bike, you’d have to take some steps to know it before you buy. It’s best to know what you are buying, at what price and in what condition so you are not fooled and can enjoy the feel of a new bike even on an old one.

  1. Use: Make a clear mind about why you need a bike. Is it for long travels, for a casual home to work and back travel or for sports? If you know why you want to buy a bike you know what type of bike you want to buy. You obviously don’t want to get stuck with a fast-riding sports bike in traffic. Geesh! So embarrassing.


  1. Where to buy from? The best is to buy from a reputable dealership. Though they might be a bit expensive than a private party, they come with some benefits that a private would never offer. Dealerships offer warranties and if not warranties would repair your bike for the first few months. Along with this, they give a seller’s history so that you know who the seller is and how old is the bike and how regular the bike needs maintenance. They also check if the seller is genuine and is not selling a stolen bike. Cool right?!


  1. Try and buy: What is better than trying the bike yourself? If you can do a trial before buying clothes or an item of furniture to check if it’s comfy you can obviously take your new baby for a ride. Check the feel of the bike if it fits you good. Check the brakes, gear, and clutch if they are smooth enough. The brakes shouldn’t feel pulsating. The gears should not be choppy. A smooth transition between gears is a sign of a well-maintained gearbox. You should feel like you are in full control. Ride the bike on a clear road without potholes and bumps. Turn it left and right and check if there are any sounds and ask the seller about it. Check the bike for drips and leaks too. You can check the oil from the sight glass or wait till the engine cools and use a dipstick for the same. Synthetic oils darken after a few miles. That is fine.

Adding to this bonus you can personally enquire the person about the maintenance period and also ask of the factory toolkit and buyer’s manual for cleaning and maintenance instructions.


  1. How much to pay: Bargaining without an idea of the market price is just dumb. Do thorough research on how much the bike you are planning to buy costs and then go on bargaining. Don’t embarrass people or waste their time making deals that make no sense.


Here you go. These are some tips that will make your second-hand buying experience a good one. If you are planning to take a bike for travel, you might also want to check out our app called Traeser. Traeser is designed for making your travel experience fun. We have everything on Traeser. From a GPS map where you can plan your travel route and share it with your fellow traveler to taking care of pitstops and emergencies with just a touch. You can also use to keep your family well informed about your whereabouts. Reducing worries for both the traveler and the people at home. Awesome right?

Brand new or second-hand we hope you enjoy your biking experience.

Until next time!


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