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New Rider? Learn these skills!

Looks like you are new to the biking gang. You obviously are an average rider. You know how to balance ride on common roads that you ride every day on. Because you are confident enough you are planning to go on a long bike ride to maybe another city or a state, something like a mini vacay right?

If we guessed your plan right! You are in the right lane. Here, we Traeser are going to help you with some basics that you need to know to go on a long bike ride.

So let’s accelerate and get going!

  1. Focus: Focus is something that every rider needs to ace. Considering you are a new rider, you are definitely used to walking or sitting in the back seat, enjoying the view. This where the problem of focus starts. You seem to get distracted while riding on seeing something. We hope you haven’t dashed into people already.

To help you focus and not get tired of riding, you can plan breaks. Double the estimated time and stick to it. Plan plenty of breaks. Breaks will keep you fresh, filled and in turn focused. Cool right?! Don’ try to push yourself if you feel okay. Just take the break you planned. The breaks only keep you energised. So, when you reach the destination you don’t rest and enjoy yourself and do much more than others can.

  1. Control over the bike: Well done on the focus. But, if you have a very bad reaction time to any situation then you may be in danger. To get full control of your bike and to be ready for any situation you have to have control over the breaks.

Practise pulling breaks smoothly in the parking lot and in real life situations to get you used to it. Highways have rash drivers and accidents. So get your hands on the break. Next up is smoothing your clutch and throttle game. A gentle throttle should be enough to get you to a distance.

  1. Know your roads: It’s obvious you can’t actually know the road unless you drive on it. But, you can memorise it from the map so you stay on the right path. Also, you can know if your road has traffic. You can get an idea for the same from the online map. To add to it, you can know if there are any turns or compact places there. For turns and U-turns, you need to get a hold over your bike. A broader turn is always the best to keep your bike in control. Practise taking turns and U-turns in compact places like the parking lot or small lanes.

These are some of the tricks you need to master before you take your bike on a long ride.

Also, don’t forget our app. Traeser is an app that has amazing features for bikers. You can create a trip for group biking or add observers to share your location. You can also call for help with just one touch and make your trip public if you know it’s the best route to travel to a destination. Amazing right?

Check out our app on Android and Ios and get ridin’


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