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Ways to keep your family connected to you on a solo trip

Ever dreamt of travelling the world all alone? There is this craving that pulls people towards a place. There is a force that pushes us to pack our bags and leave our city and go exploring. It’s not a disorder. It’s human nature. Our ancestors have done it many times to find a perfect place to settle down.

We are living in a generation where commuting is expensive and it’s cheaper when you have your own vehicle. Riding solo is something that goes on in every young mind. If you are one of those people who can’t go out because your parents are too scared to let you go. Well, good news! We have something to take off some stress from your parents.

Keep reading to know more.

Traeser is an app for bikers who are always travelling. We have made this app keeping the concern of families in mind to deliver relief and make both the travellers and their family.

Traeser app has multiple features like creating a trip, adding people to it and making it public.

But the best part of the whole app is adding observers to the trip.

Yes, you can add people as observers and let them know of your whereabouts easily. Amazing right?!

So now you can just add your parents or your significant other or your siblings as observers and let them know of your whereabouts without having them call you and check up on you.


Here you can see the person driving with their initials is displayed.

The waypoints are marked. A defined route that you are going to take is displayed. There is an ‘Emergency’ button to call for help.

This is by far the best way for your family to track you on a solo trip.

Traeser relieves the stress of the family by showing the

So let the free souls fly. Let them enjoy what they love and let them be at peace.

Travel stress-free with the Traeser app.

Download now on both Android and Ios



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