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How to Pick the Right Road trip Buddy?

Road trips can fun. What makes it amazing and unforgettable? Buddies. Road trips are incomplete if you can’t enjoy it with one more person that is by your side.

But, getting the perfect road trip buddy is very tricky. So, tricky that you might risk hating a trip just because your partner wasn’t the best companion on that trip.

We Traeser have seen trips go wrong because of buddies that need more babysitting than toddlers. Hence, we are here to spare you that experience and get you a list of qualities that will help you get a perfect buddy with you on the trip and make every trip that you go on together the best one.

So let’s get ridin’

There are 3 kinds of people you want to keep close on a road trip.

  1. Tech guy: The one breathes technology and can solve problems with your bike or phone or work the GPS and other travel apps all day long is someone you want to have at your side if you are not that tech-savvy.

If you are not tech-savvy and have no one with you on the road trip, we’ve got your back! Our app, Traeser is made for group and solo travellers to keep a tab on their planned route for the road trip. It is easy to use and has amazing features where you can create a trip and add people as participants and observers. Other cool features include notifying people on the trip driving a different vehicle of your whereabouts, your pitstop destinations and in case of emergencies you can call for help with just one touch.

  1. The super excited: What is better than a person who is down to do anything? Nothing is bizarre or insane for this person and you can count on them any day to have a fun time. If you have this person your trip will be unapologetic and like in the movie Hangover, you’ll look at your pictures after the trip and you’ll know you had the craziest time of your life. The best part about this person is that even if you have a person who’s a cry baby this person knows how to build everyone’s adventure mood. It’s like it’s their genetic trait.

  1. The max steel: This person has a different love for riding. So much so, that they can go hours without taking a break and asking everyone else to ride. Having these people by your side, you can count on them to ride through the night like a pro and reach your destination on time. The best part is these people also have a great sense of roads and places to take as pitstops. They like places that can rejuvenate them in one stop. So yeah, they are a must-have.

You would want to avoid people who have a full bladder all the time. They make road trips more tiring because of the multiple stops you take. The next person to avoid is the worry kid. These people make the most common situations drastic ones and create unnecessary panic in everyone’s mind. And the last but not the least, the quiet ones are the worst companions. They bring out the craziness in you making you talk with yourself all the time. Everything that they do will be a secret and will never be heard. You don’t want to bring a body that is close to a dead one, do you?

These are just some traits you can watch out according to the dos and don’ts list.

And hey, no matter what, don’t forget to download Traeser app. It’s good luck plus one partner that you can count on to get you home safely.

Until then,

Enjoy ridin’


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