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How to sign up and use Traeser for bigger groups?

‘The more the merrier.’ This is what we all might have heard. Indian families also have many close and far off relations that meet up on occasions and spread smiles throughout. The college and school time is also a place where you make a family. This family may not be related to you by blood, but your hearts click on the same thing and they are nothing less than a family when we are in need.

Some groups come in duos and trios but there are some groups that actually look like a family. These groups have people more than 5-6 and it consists of every character you’d find in a family. There are 2 responsible people tackling everyone like our parents. There are some naughty people who always play pranks on others like small children. There is always one obedient kid in the group. There is one chef, an artist, a photographer who’s always with their clicking candids.

The best part of a bigger group is the variety. Variety of people make everything fun. We traeser know this part of bigger groups and appreciate it. Hence, if you have a bigger group and people who ride bikes you can all sign up to our app.


With 3 simple steps.

Download the Traeser app from the play store, apple app store or the web app.

Then open the app. Fill in the email id and password and then click on Sign up.

A page asking you to fill your details will come up. Fill all your details and you are good to go.

The screen that appears now is a screen where trips where you’ve been added or the ones created by you appear. There is a ‘+’ sign on the top left corner of the screen where you can add new trips. You can see your newly added trips in my trips tab and when you click on edit, you can add waypoints and add participants.

This is the easiest way to collectively let people know of your whereabouts.

Amazing right? Want to know in detail how to go about creating a new trip? Check out this video.

No matter what type of person you are you can enjoy any trip with Traeser. It has amazing features that fit right for any and every person in the group. It’s easy to use and with amazing features to help make the trip better.

Until then,

Happy ridin’.


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