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Emergency? Call help with one touch.

It’s a new morning, you wake up and decide where you want to crash on your next road trip. You sit with a globe and close your eyes and spin it, you put a finger and open your eyes to see where you are going next.

You sit down to do your base research on that place and find amazing places that you must visit. You pack your bags and keep all the essentials both for you and your ride. The next day you plan your day to set off early riding depending on your time.

Awesome right? But, just when you thought this could be a perfect solo road trip, while you are riding your bike, you lose control of your bike and pull your breaks in a hurry. Luckily, you got saved from an accident. But, you never know when this so-called perfect road trip could take the worst turn of your life.

We Traeser have seen how worse road trips can get if you don’t get the help you need if you meet with an accident or see an accident in your way.

This is the reason we decided to make emergency notification easy. While you travel with our app on your phone, along with the amazing feature of trip tracking, that helps your loved ones and your group stay connected to you, you can now also call for help with just a touch.

Once you touch the ‘Emergency’ button on the screen that has your waypoints marked, the people whose numbers are saved in the emergency contacts get notified instantly. Also, if you are travelling with a group, they also get a notification that you are in need of help.

It’s easy to track your location with the Traeser app and send for help instantly. If you have no contacts, and you’ve added participants to the trip and also observers, by default people that are participants of the trip will get notified about your emergency. If you save a contact in your profile, they’ll get notified as well.

So, people who can readily help you and the people who can reach out to you in any case of emergency need not get a call from you, they’ll get notified with an SMS. This is safe for the people who are travelling in a group with multiple riders, they’ll get notified, but not in a way that distracts them while driving.

This is one of the things that Traeser is capable of, saving lives!

So, on your next road trip, don’t forget to take Traeser on your phone!

Until then,

Ride Safe!


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