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Use Traeser to track your loved ones.

Family, friends and other people! We humans have so many relations. Along with being an intellectual being, humans are also social beings. The sense of settling down, having a group of people that care, animals call it a herd, but, unlike families and friends, animals rarely risk their life to someone else’s. We, humans, take care of our family to an extent that we might risk our own life to save someone else’s. If you say that those were the old times, try walking too close to the traffic and see how your siblings or parents or your partner falls in and shouts on your stupidity. That’s love. That’s care. That’s the fear of losing a person that means a lot to them. Animals rarely do this.

We’ve seen our mothers trying to get to know our whereabouts 10 times in a day, just to know if you are safe. Your wife might call you if you missed your general calling time by 10 minutes. Not because she’s free, but because she cares for you and is worried.

Similarly, when you go out on a road trip, with friends or on a solo trip to someplace, like a free soul, you never know when you’ll take a break and be able to call them and keep them posted. They’ll keep worrying until they hear from you.

Considering this situation, we at Traeser came up with a solution. An app where you can add observers to your planned trip and help them track you!

All you have to do is download the app in your and your family/friend’s phone and then add them as observers on your trip! When you do this your loved ones can see you moving on their map and get notified about both your breaks and also if you tap the emergency button. The observers and participants are well aware of your whereabouts and can stay stress-free at home! Along with this, you will also be able to ride safely without being disturbed with calls and messages that you’ll have to answer taking extra stops.

Amazing right?!

So, don’t forget to download the Traeser app and stay safe and keep your family stress free!

Until next time,

Keep riding’


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