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Top tips for solo travellers

Solo travelling is a two-fold experience. We are social beings and hence like having a group of people around us. Isolation is a daunting experience, whereas when you think of solitude, it’s bliss.

Though both of these words mean the same, the difference is of the way we feel it. Solitude is acceptance of being alone that one cherishes. Whereas isolation is a forced act.

Similarly, if you are to go on solo trips to places, you need to take note of these small things to make it the best one and less daunting.

So let’s get started.

  1. Solitude and not Isolation: You are on a solo trip and you have to accept that. If you don’t accept the fact that this was your choice to go alone to this place the trip will turn sour and depressing in a second. Acceptance is the key to making any solo trip sweet and amazing.
  1. No nights: Considering you are alone, and if you are on a solo road trip it’s best to avoid nights. Nights are meant to sleep. We know the rule, nights are best for travelling, but, if you are the only person riding, it can be a dangerous stunt to pull off. Also, if you are planning to stay up night then sleep the next day after riding or enjoying and the previous day before riding. This will help keep your body fresh and active and avoid accidents.

If you are travelling alone, you can also use the Traeser app and mark your waypoints to make your trip simpler and planned. You can also keep your family updated about you. Amazing right?!

  1. Caution! Dark Alleys: Dark Alleys are one thing you want to avoid when you are going solo. The crowd is the best place to be when you are new to a place and all alone.
  1. Local help: Its best to have local helpline numbers and also have the number of tourist police. They can help you in any situation and also boost your confidence to do anything you like.

With the Traeser app, you can save these emergency contacts and call help with just one touch. So your trips are as safe as your hometown.

  1. Locals are your best friends: If you are on a solo trip, you will enjoy mixing with the locals and can build good relations with them. The more you live in the moment and with the locals, in homestays and street cafes you’ll feel like you are one of them and the solitude will be a bliss.

So, turn your solo trip into a sweet bliss and inspire people to travel.

It’s time you pack your bags and get going. Oh! Don’t forget the Traeser app.

Until next time,

Keep travelling.


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