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Quit complaining! Start Travelling!

Women usually feel that travelling solo is a disaster and a dangerous stunt to pull off and usually avoid it. But, today women are going all out. They ride bikes and go on solo road trips.
You aren’t one of them? Well, let’s see what are your excuses to avoid such an amazing experience.

  1. Safety: Safety is usually the major concern that puts women into home caging themselves. Women who travel have some tips up their sleeves.

  • The best way to stay safe is to be aware of your surroundings.

  • Interacting with strangers but limiting it to a minimum.

  • Avoid travelling at night at destinations that are high in the crime rate.

  1. Solo trips are boring: Solo trips are boring for people who think it is all about finding themselves. It is less about the romantic story of knowing what lies deep inside you, and, is more about pushing your limits and escaping your comfort zone. So, make your solo trips all about trying new things, things you’d never have done if you weren’t here.

  1. Plan of action: If you are a person who plans everything, you are going to realise that your trips become monotonous and you hardly find the zeal and motivation to go out on solo trips. Leave the woman of the house title at home and live freely. Planning a flexible itinerary is a good thing, but a strict plan that cannot add a day or two to the list is a sham.

  1. Where do I start? The start of anything is when it is out of your head and in reality! So, choose a destination no matter where it is and pack your bags and set off! Don’t think twice!

Solo trips are all about being spontaneous, in the moment and independent. You are always on your own and can enjoy everything at your own pace.

If you are still sceptical about going out on solo road trips, then try Traser app. Traser will surely boost your confidence and help you travel solo. How? Well, we’ve got features where you can map your waypoints and add observers to that planned route. You can add and save emergency contact numbers and can call help with one touch. You can also save details about your bike from your last servicing to your license and the model of your bike! Amazing right?!

So, ladies, it’s time you stop thinking and dreaming about solo road trips and hit the road with the Traeser app.


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